Summer Wine, Gaudi, and Lots of Barcelona

Hola and welcome to Barcelona, Spain as my Rakuda travels continue around the world!

By, far, Barcelona was one of the most incredible cities that I have visited. It is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia and can be found right along the Mediterranean Sea. And of course, it’s BEAUTIFUL.

My Satchel and I made our way through the city, beginning right along the beach, where the water was a crystal clear blue. I placed my canvas bag in the sand next to me as I lay on the shore and enjoyed the heat and the beautiful water. Of course, best way to cool off on a hot day in Barcelona is to have some Summer Wine. It’s so good, you just can’t get enough!

I went to Las Ramblas, which was so much fun to walk around! There are people dressed up in costumes and performing along the entire walkway, as well as tons of restaurants a little shops. It was a good thing that I had a satchel bag at my side instead of a backpack because there are lots of pickpockets in the area.

The most amazing part about Barcelona is seeing works of Antoni Gaudi all over the city. I went to the Casa Batllo, a house that Gaudi designed and is something almost out of a dream. His imagination was one of a kind and therefore all of his architecture is as well. It is a remodel of a previously built house and is known locally as Casa del ossos, or House of Bones, for its skeletal qualities and appearance.

Since I couldn’t get enough of Gaudi, I made sure to see his all-time masterpiece, Basilica de la Sagrada Familia or the Church of the Holy Family. I packed my canvas satchel to go for the day because I knew that once I got started, it would be a long time until I got back to my hotel. There was just so much to see! Construction on the church began in 1883 and will not be completed until 2026! I could barely fathom the idea of something being under construction for that long. The has three grand façades: the Nativity façade to the East, the Passion façade to the West, and the Glory façade to the South , which is yet to be completed. The interior of the the church is even more mind blowing with it’s geometric architecture and stained-glass windows.

I’m sure you want to plan a trip to Barcelona after hearing all of this (I know I did after I heard about how incredible it is there). My biggest suggestion: take your Rakuda canvas bag and make that trip happen!

Outside la Sagrada Familia

Outside la Sagrada Familia


Hola and Welcome to Spain!

Hola and Welcome to Spain!

Inside la Sagrada Familia

Inside la Sagrada Familia

Stay tuned for more Rakuda Adventures and visit us as!

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